Retort Packaging

Retort packaging for 121℃ sterilization.

Retort packaging for ready food

Retort pouch for ready food. and wet pet food

Retort Pouch For Pet Food Packaging

Retort Pouch is our specialty. Our retort pouch is widely applied in wet pet food, ready food and MRE packaging.

Baby Food Spout Pouch

Spout pouch is good solution for baby food. They can feed themselves without getting messed up. Our spout pouch can be made for water boiling and retort sterilization.

Fruit Puree Spout Pouch

Spout pouch for fruit puree packaging. Anti-chocking cap, retort material are optional.

Retort Pouch For Ready Food

Retort pouch is alternative packaging solution for ready meal, ready to eat food like soup, meat and other ready to eat food. We have two options for ready meal packaging, one contains Al foil, the other has no Al foil, which means it can be heated in microwave oven.

Puree Spout Pouch

Leader flexible packaging is providing spout pouch, puree packaging,baby food packaging, spout bag, and other packaging for baby food, puree and more.