Our Facility

Leading Packaging Facilities

LEADER Packaging operates out of a 70,000 square feet facility in China. We employ about 300 people – many of whom have been with flexible packaging expertise for 10 years or longer.

Leader’s high-speed printing & laminating equipment, which are imported from Japan,can print up to 9 colors and laminate the materials with automatic defects inspection machines of the finished products. They are custom designed for rotogravure printing, tandem extrusion and adhesive lamination film, paper and foil as well as the fabrication of Pouches and bags. In addition to the general lamination, our machines are able to produce packaging bags and pouches with a variety of special features.
Totani machine, rotogravure printing, coffee bag, pet food pouch

Our machines :

•Totani– Japanese leading pouch making machine, which is specially design for making plastic film into outstanding quality bags
•Rotogravure Press- Up to 9 colors, able to do Pattern Matte coating
•Dry lamination machines- imported from Japan with advanced technology.
•Slitting machines with laser score features
•Flat bag, Pillow bag, stand up with zipper bag, K-seal Bag, Thomson Die-cut shape pouch making machines
Flat Bottom zipper bag making machine made by Totani.

Interested in our facilities & production environment? Welcome to visit our factory! Reserve a factory visit by filling the inquiry form or send a mail to info@leaderflexible.com .